Saturday, February 28, 2009


Just saw the movie and it was all I expected it to be. Liam Nielson was amazing. He is the father all of us normal fathers, who care nothing more for than the safety of our children. And will stop at no limit to ensure it. His skills and resources are what true fathers dream of.

The excitement of seeing Liam torture these scum for answers and then continue the torture til they die, even though he's gotten the answers he's wanted was addicting. Movies that torture and cause unspeakable agony to bad people is the best kind.

If you enjoy stupid slasher films more or ones like Hostel where good people get tortured and barely survive by the hands of sick people, than you yourself are sick. But if you enjoy bad people getting tortured and destroyed, you are sane. Cause that's how it should be. 

Anyways it was nice seeing a good guy really knowing what he was doing, and he was the stronger one, not the bad guys. It reminds me of the Denzel Washington movie. A Man On Fire....bad guys didn't stand a chance.

The underlining point is that this shit happens to girls, it's a fact of life that no nation wants to fully address...human trafficking for the sex trade. It's a sick dispicable issue and it should be stepped on. BUT nations are cowards, including ours. And most just turn their backs because they're paid to. I would love to see Obama on his second term deal with this issue. But first he's got to fix the economy [thanks Bush] and this distraction called the Iraq war. Sometimes I think this war was a deliberate move to distract the attention of the world away from such issues like human trafficking and drugs. Either that or these shit flies who call themselves Al Queda [oh by the way Saudi oil tycoons relish in this human trafficking economy. they buy girls, YOUNG girls to do with whatever they wish] are so self centered that they've taken all the attention away from other issues.

Oh, yea well the movie was great. I can't wait to see Last House on the Left. A family fights and kills a group of criminals that earlier in the day raped and tortured their daughter and left her for dead in the woods. When a storm comes in the group seek refuge in the last house on the left, which happens to be the families house. It's a remake from the 1972 flick. Here's the trailer below. I love the end of the trailer, the clip where the scum asks why he can't move. The father responds "that's cause you're paralyzed from the neck down, we didn't have any rope so I used duct tape." The whole time the cameras panning around to reveal that the scum is ducted tape to a table and his head is inside a microwave. Amazing! I can't wait to see it. Just love the smile the wife gives the scum.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Dude she got served, she looks like she got beat down by her pimp. On lookers probably thought exactly that seeing her arguing with a black man on the side walk with her probably wearing something sexy that night. But in reality it looks like Chris Brown didn't take to the news that she's pregnant [rumor] or the booty call text Brown got from some chick [rumored]. Whatever caused it, he tried to make it up with a an iPod touch as a birthday gift to her. Nice. Nothing says I'm sorry like and iPod Touch.


I don't even know where to begin with this. I don't think I even have say anything. I saw this on The Superficial and I was just blank afterwards. WTF is he wearing? Is that a dominatrix or sex slave type gear? I just don't know.


Heath Ledger will be forever remembered for playing the Joker in the Dark Knight, his final and best acting he's ever done in a movie. Just like Brandon Lee in the crow they will be remember for playing morbid and dark characters. The ones that intrigue the audience the most. Ledger has won a few awards now for his role as the Joker and rightfully so. At the Oscar his win as best supporting actor brought the place to tears. He was a rare talent that will be missed. But that's okay right? We have the likes of Paris Hilton and others like her to fill in his place in the Hollywood acting scene. Life sucks huh?


Okay first of all Jen, um sorry but you're old and haggard looking compared to the beautiful Angie who just gave birth to twins not so long ago mind you.  Second of all, that wasn't a real face to face confrontation you had with Angie. It was more like you went on stage for Angie to look at, nudge Brad and ask, "Do you miss that?" [I assume Brad said NO]. And third, ladies do you really think John Mayer is handsome? Seriously? No I'm really serious here. Compared to Brad the dude stands no chance. Compared to the average guy the dude stands no chance. The dude looks like a really perverted pedophile. He's trying to pull off the GQ John Kennedy Jr. look, but it's looking more like a retarded John Kennedy Jr. look. Dudes retarded, he's full retard. Sorry no offense to retarded people. Honestly I would admit if a dudes handsome. I'm not homophobic like that. I'm sorry the dudes straight ugly, down right scary even.


Okay so last month I defended Jessica Simpson on the attacks on her weight. That was before I saw this picture on The Superficial. Bitch has beefed up like Miss Piggy. Give it up for Romo for ruining another thing he's touched. First the Dallas Cowboys and now Jessica Simpson. Dudes like George Bush. He takes on something great and then he ruins the shit out of it.


Would someone please tell Robert Pattinson that he can stop acting like Edward [Twilight] now? At the Oscars he looked like he was still in character. It's like come on dude you're not really Edward, you can't fly away or have super human strength. The movie wasn't that great dude, ask your co-star Kristen Stewart.


The ever so hot Megan Fox is single! Reports are in that her and Brian Austin Green are no longer together. They remain friends but have decided to focus on each others careers. Typical celeb excuse. Boy if I weren't happily married I'd move to LA right now and make it my mission to be her next man toy. Sadly it likely wouldn't happen, she'd take one look at me does the expression go? "Run for ze hills!"


This is so dope. I can't begin to even describe it. Patrick Boivin, the guy that created these youtube clips is so good. He's got a bunch of these stop action clips.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


On Friday Shepard released this print @ 12pm pst and it sold out in 6 minutes. 6 fucking minutes. I know a few people that were kicked off of check out because it sold out before they could finish checking out. 400 prints selling for $55 each sold out in 6 minutes. That's $22,000 with out tax and shipping costs. That's a astounding amount to make for less than 10 minutes.

Shepard has become a such a huge obsession. His obey campaign has gathered a huge following that he could actually start a cult religion. Seriously. He's come to God like status. But unlike most I don't follow to religion well, so I don't follow to the obsession of Obey well. His art is unique and creative, but to me if you don't lay down that artwork by hand on paper, canvas, walls, or any other material FIRST, but instead do it all on the computer, than you're a lazy artist. To me art is laid out by your own hands, not by a click of a mouse. The messiness of painting, fingers full of spray paint, clothes with paint splatters all over it, the smell of acrylic, to me that's true art. That is the essence of art. People are forgetting that, they're dependant on computers to do everything for us without the mess.

Like I said his art is nice but apparently on a recent article is sometimes not his own. Literally lifting an art piece without "appropriation" he has been known for. But a literal lift from Koloman Moser piece. You decide for yourself. Here's the article link.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


River Phoenix is turning in his grave because his crazy ass brother Joaquin is acting like a freakin retard. I don't know if this is just a stunt by him or he's really this retarded. I mean I put him up there, acting wise with the great late Heth Ledger. But I'm thinking now with his actions of late, that he's just mentally retarded. He wants to become a rapper? WTF! Don't make me guess what 50 Cent would say about this stunt by Joaquin. My advice to Joaquin, just chill white boy. Enjoy your millions and your life. F#%kin retard.


Okay so Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston divorce after what 5 years of marriage. Because Aniston didn't want to have kids and Brad did. Brad moves onto a sex hot OMG! Angelina Jolie who has a couple of adopted kids and then has three with Brad. He wanted a family, he got it, plus a super hot kinda not really wife.

Lets look at aging and showing. Brad dumps her selfish ass she dates Vince Vaughn. Now that's what you call a rebound. Then she gets with this guy, John Mayer. Who's even more retarded than Vince Vaughn. Not to mention from what I hear is a cheap bastard! Man she's really low ballin herself isn't she? Can you tell I really don't like her. She's a real selfish stuck up bitch. Ask Howard Stern he feels just about the same way.


If I could guess what 50 Cent would think of this picture, it would go something like this. "Nigga what the F#%K you doin with these two cracker ass mutha f#%kers? Nigga you dumb or dun lost mind?" Something like that but with a lot of slurring, cuz ya'll know 50, fool slurs.

Now this is what I said when I saw this picture on The Superficial. "Nigga what the F#%K you doin with these two cracker ass mutha f#@kers! You one desperate mutha f#%ker."

See the similarity there...means me and 50 think a like.


Gwyneth's best friends with Mandonna, so it's no surprise that Gwyneth has now followed suit and has converted to Kabalah aka Kabullcrap aka KaKaBlahBlah. I don't know about you but Gwyneth Paltrow is one ugly white chick. Seriously. Who finds her attractive? Oh wait Mandonna does doesn't she. I think she does. I get it Mandonna's warming up with these Latin men to get ready to strap-on it to Gwyneth. Whatever the case they're both two incredibly ugly white chicks. 


Salma Hayek during a humanitarian mission for UNICEF decided to one up the humanitarian Goddess Angelina Jolie by poppin one of nice huge juicy melons out and allowing an African baby to suck out some of that sweet milky nectar. What a lucky baby...excuse me where's my thing that looks like a flashlight? 

Monday, February 9, 2009


Mandonna has finally let Lourdes get her eyebrows waxed. Lately it's been said that Mandonna is jealous that her daughter is getting older and boys are paying attention to her. She hates the fact that she herself is getting older and becoming more man looking. That is why she has never til now allowed Lourdes to attempt to pretty herself up. 

To counter this dilemma that Mandonna finds herself in she's dating a 22 year old Brazilian model. Named "dumb shit." I'm kidding I don't know what his name is. All I know is that A-Rod was tired of getting the strap-on love from Mandonna so she threw him out with yesterday's lube.

I really feel sorry for her kids. I bet the African kid would rather go back to Africa than to stay another day with Nazi mom Mandonna.

**that is not a typo. I am spelling it Mandonna, because I think she's a man and her name is Madonna.**


Ah even the likable, soft spoken young black super star can't get away from the stereo type of black men beating up on their women.

Chris Brown has been booked and could face domestic battery charges for his early morning assault on his then girlfriend singer Rihanna. Apparently the two left the pre Grammy's party the night before, happy, but during the drive home the two got into a heated argument. [probably some chick was all over Chris or dudes were all over Rihanna]. The couple pulled over and thas when Brown bitch slapped her Jamaican ass before leaving her on the street like a prostitute roughed up by her pimp.

The two missed the Grammys, which Brown was suppose to perform at. He did not attend because he was in police custody and she did not attend because her face was all bitch slapped up.

Ah, another day in the life of a celebrity super star.


I have to admit. Elisabeth is a dumb ass republican cunt, but those fake boobs are rockin!

Anyways, so now she's going after Ashley Judd, because Judd released a commercial calling out Sarah Palin for her support of wolf hunting. Even going as far as offering cash rewards for wolf feet.

Apparently this ticked off Hasselbeck, who is a strong supporter of Palin and McCain. The funny thing is that she attacks Judd for literally stating true facts about Palin. Palin has admitted to and has publicly encouraged wolf hunting.

Which just shows how stupid Hasselbeck really is. Oh and if you really believe that she now supports President Obama, you're just as dumb as she is. She was told to say that and to lay off the President. I am willing to bet that 1. she still hates Obama 2. she has called Obama a "nigger" via jokes or in a drunken rant. 3. has made fun of the first lady and her kids. and 4. has called the white house, the black house.

Point is Hasselbeck is dumber than Lloyd and Harry from the movie Dumb and Dumber. Her arguments and analogies are that of a retard. In fact she is a retard. A retard with big ass boobs that is.


Not only did she marry sorry ass Hasselbeck QB, but her daughter got all her looks from her dad. What a bad break for the little kid. Girls do take after their dads more often. But man was she dealt a big blow. Lil Grace has got that monster face going, but it ain't a cute looking monster face. It's more like Herman Munster looking monster face.

Sorry little one...

Let's just hope you're not as dumb as your mom. That would be a double whammy.


The crack whore queen herself is trying to make it back into the limelight. Anyone want to guess why? My guess is because crack king Bobby left her ass and now she's got to earn more money to fund her addiction.

But of she does have to look like she's healthy again so that way people will take her seriously. But then within a year, after making some $$$ doing some gigs maybe a new album she'll be back to cracking it up.

You know what they say. Once a crack fiend, forever a crack fiend.


I was just so amused as I was reading an article about Jodie Sweetin [Stephanie from Full House]. How she utterly a crack fiend. Lost her relationship with her husband because of her drug addiction. I mean a total fucking mess.

In the US Weekly interview Sweetin's ex Cody Herpin said, "Jodie did ecstasy and coke, but to be honest, it's Hollywood, so I didn't give it much thought."

Now when celebs do drugs they do it heavily. Because most have the money to supply their addiction, but it's a surprise that not more drug related celeb deaths are happening. Like LindseyLohan or Britney Spears. How the heck are they still alive? Or fuckin Whitney Houston and AmyWhinehouse. It's nuts how they are still breathing.

In my opinion anything past weed is just stupid...celebs n drugs mix.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today the Denny's restaurant franchise gave anyone that came to any of their restaurants a FREE Grand Slam Breakfast. Yes that's right FREE. The only's only FREE from 6am - 2pm.
Many I talked to thought it was a stupid idea that it shows that they are in trouble. Truth is those people that thought it stupid are actually the stupid ones. This is a great marketing plan. Every one's forgotten about Denny's. Can you remember the last time you were in a Denny's? Probably when you were in high school right? Denny's realizes that the public has somewhat forgotten about their restaurant and the mostly good affordable food they serve. So today and only today admits this economic hell they gave back to the people the one thing they could...A grand slam breakfast. Hoping that the people will have a good experience, remember their food and come back. It's really smart of their marketing group to come up with such a simple idea.

I myself didn't get a chance to get out there and enjoy in the free plate. But I did pass by a Denny's on the way to a business lunch and it was really packed. This was at noon. But now I'm craving for a grand slam. And I'm willing to pay $5.99 for scheme worked...on me at least.


They're back for one last run...the original cast of The Fast & The Furious. Courtesy of

From Crackle: Fast & Furious


The G.I. Joe movie trailer courtsey of Access Hollywood gives us a glimpse of the upcoming movie. Looks like it will be a hit. I can't wait to see it.


Yep that's Simon Cowell back in the day. Sportin the chest poppin style. I still can't believe that was a style people were into. Oh and look he's almost got the same do as he has now. It's just that now he's cleaned up the sides more but he's still got that retarded part in his hair.


An image I stumbled upon on the Internet shows Miley Cyrus and a bunch of her stupid white friends poking fun at Asian. Sad the lone Asian friend doesn't realize he's being made fun of. What a push over...he should of went Virginia Tech on their asses. Brotha Cho their punk asses. As one commenter put it. She'll probably blame Asians for the mock. Saying if there weren't any Asians than she wouldn't be mocking them. The Miley train needs to derail already.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Being a butt man. Meaning I like booties more than titties, don't get it all confused. I can say that I don't see why every ones doggin' on Kim Kardashian's booty. I think it's a nice big booty. It's not too big nor is it to small. As Goldilocks said "it's just right." Reggie Bush is one lucky mother sucka. Can tell he's been paying attention more to that booty than to his job, because last season he sucked. He's well overrated. I'll tell you what's not overrated...Kim Kardashian's booty.


Okay so I wonder if Michael Phelps has Britney Spears "Oops I Did It Again" song on his iPod. Because yet again shortly after accomplishing something huge he shits on himself by doing something stupid.

Let's recap. The first time he was in the scene at the Olympics in 2004, he did amazing things. It sky rocketed him to celebrity status. Shortly after he was arrested for a DWI [driving while intoxicated]. In the 2008 Olympics he went beyond amazing and made history. Shortly after...picture of him taking a bong hit surfaces on the Internet. Black athletes are resting easier right now. Phelps just reminded the world that white athletes can fuck up too.

I could seriously take a bong hit right fact I really need one right now. Yo Phelps hook it up yo!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Gossip mags are all over the whole thing about Jessica Simpson being fat. She doesn't look fat to me. She still looks good. I mean yea she's put on a couple of pounds but far from being fat. When you say "fat" I'm thinking anything over 165 lbs for a chick that's in the 5 foot to 5' 6" range. Simpson is about 5' 3" or 5' 5". She looks like she's probably 125 at the most. That's not fat. Maybe to a skinny country like Somalia or something she's obese.

The media's standard for hot chicks is way to strict. She's fine. Leave her alone. Jessica, you still look hot the way you are.


This nigga coulda had the whole comedic world by the balls. He would have been the Oprah of comedy. Eddie Murphy? Fuck him, he ain't shit compared to this mother fucker. But no, this fool threw it all away. I'm still trying to figure out why. He had the funniest show on TV since the good old days of In Living Color, when the Wayan's actually were a part of the show. I don't get it...I really don't. He couldn't handle the success? Didn't like how the network was trying to control his show....WTF! He's one of the funniest comedian out there and he threw away success, because he didn't like it. Dumbass.

It's all good though. The funniest show on TV now is It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The Chappelle Show slowly fading away, in my mind anyways.

SEXY & LINDSEY LOHAN JUST DON'T MIX + Lohan does not = boner. Saggy boobs, cottage cheese legs, freckle face...and she's only how old? 23? She looks more haggard than Jennifer Aniston. I guess if you're into skanky smelly white trash whores than she's definitely your type.