Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today the Denny's restaurant franchise gave anyone that came to any of their restaurants a FREE Grand Slam Breakfast. Yes that's right FREE. The only's only FREE from 6am - 2pm.
Many I talked to thought it was a stupid idea that it shows that they are in trouble. Truth is those people that thought it stupid are actually the stupid ones. This is a great marketing plan. Every one's forgotten about Denny's. Can you remember the last time you were in a Denny's? Probably when you were in high school right? Denny's realizes that the public has somewhat forgotten about their restaurant and the mostly good affordable food they serve. So today and only today admits this economic hell they gave back to the people the one thing they could...A grand slam breakfast. Hoping that the people will have a good experience, remember their food and come back. It's really smart of their marketing group to come up with such a simple idea.

I myself didn't get a chance to get out there and enjoy in the free plate. But I did pass by a Denny's on the way to a business lunch and it was really packed. This was at noon. But now I'm craving for a grand slam. And I'm willing to pay $5.99 for scheme worked...on me at least.

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  1. OH MAN!! The new Create Your Own Slam item is awesome. You pick 3 different items. The combinations are nearly endless!! You can have 6 pancakes. 4 pancakes and an egg. 2 pancakes, an egg, and bacon. 3 eggs. 3 orders of bacon. 3 orders of sausage. 3 orders of hash browns. GENIUS!!