Monday, February 9, 2009


I have to admit. Elisabeth is a dumb ass republican cunt, but those fake boobs are rockin!

Anyways, so now she's going after Ashley Judd, because Judd released a commercial calling out Sarah Palin for her support of wolf hunting. Even going as far as offering cash rewards for wolf feet.

Apparently this ticked off Hasselbeck, who is a strong supporter of Palin and McCain. The funny thing is that she attacks Judd for literally stating true facts about Palin. Palin has admitted to and has publicly encouraged wolf hunting.

Which just shows how stupid Hasselbeck really is. Oh and if you really believe that she now supports President Obama, you're just as dumb as she is. She was told to say that and to lay off the President. I am willing to bet that 1. she still hates Obama 2. she has called Obama a "nigger" via jokes or in a drunken rant. 3. has made fun of the first lady and her kids. and 4. has called the white house, the black house.

Point is Hasselbeck is dumber than Lloyd and Harry from the movie Dumb and Dumber. Her arguments and analogies are that of a retard. In fact she is a retard. A retard with big ass boobs that is.

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