Thursday, April 10, 2008


After her short stay in prison Paris Hilton went on Larry King to discuss her ordeal. On that particular interview she vowed to change her ways, she promised things that a high school presidential candidate would promise. Well that was months ago and thank you to for now forgetting all she promised, followed up on them. They found out that she has but kept only one promise. Not drinking and driving.

But her other promises, ones that weren't so self orientated were all but forgotten by the bimbo heiress. Like helping raise money for kids, breast cancer, and multiple sclerosis. None of the associations have been contacted by Hilton.

I just love how this girl tries to convince people that she's really a smart girl and that she's just acting dumb? When will she realize that we're not that stupid and we know that she's the stereotypical "blonde bimbo." She's just a rich spoiled no talent brat who thinks herself as an A-list celebrity when she's more like a D-list celebrity. She's pretty much a dumb slut that gets to much publicity. Yea I said it and I'll keep saying it. She's a dumb slut.

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