Tuesday, August 19, 2008


China's first and only track and field competitor to ever win a Gold medal for China, Liu Xiang bows out with a lingering hamstring injury. As his coaches and fans gracefully and some tearfully wish him well he sits alone in the tunnel of the stadium disappointed in himself that he let down so many, mainly the people of his nation. Especially since the games are in his country this time around. He was suppose to defend his Gold against Cuba's Dayron Robles. But now Robles has no competition to challenge his run.

Robles is a Cuban runner that has shown no respect for his competitors. Clearly stating to reporters that he could careless for Xiang's injury. That he only came to compete and take the Gold. If you ask me if the best man in the event your running isn't there than it really isn't a worthy test of how good you really are. To show lack of respect for a fellow track and field athlete just goes to show why Cuba isn't well liked. In a games where we've seen other athlete's congratulating other athletes from other nations after their routine, in show of sportsmanship we get to see the selfish flashes of the countries that don't deserve respect. Like the Robles or the French swim team that talked all that trash about the American team only to be beaten.

And it's not just the players but also our own American fans that lack respect. Lots of comments from the Xiang article voiced a lot of racial remarks about China. It just shows another example of how far behind our nation really is to racial acceptance. And it will never change... I'll say it, a majority of white people will always look down on other races. That's a fact. It will NEVER change. Hell if Obama gets elected you'll see just how far behind we really are. If elected don't be surprised to hear about constant death treats or actual attempts on his life.

I wasn't to pleased by the judging in the women's gymnastics that seemed to favor the Chinese nor am really sure that China's women's gymnastic team are all of age, but I do appreciate their sportsmanship and courtesy to their competitors.

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