Saturday, August 16, 2008


SoReal Cru showed it's true colors last night at the championship round of ABDC2. Going up against Super Cr3w, SoReal Cru failed attempt after attempt to entertain. And this was a group that in the beginning of the competition and up til the Janet Jackson challenge was an amazing group to watch. But since then they've been sloppy and weak. And now from last night's show they're arrogant. And I'm not just talking about their dancing, I'm talking about their attitude.

After J.C.'s comment about the crew not out dancing the bottom two of last weeks Fanny Pak and Super Cr3w, SoReal Cru has come out this week with an arrogant cocky attitude. Especially Andrew and Ailyn. Andrew was the most cocky I thought. Really cocky for an ugly guy. I mean this guy makes me look like Johnny Depp or for all tha Flips, Piolo Pascual. Andrew is to much for someone that isn't that good and who messed up a lot during the whole competition. Seriously they should not have him do the talking because he's really not good for the camera. Let's face it dude you're UGLY!

It's sad too because I liked this team and they were my favorite to win, but after they displayed that Supreme Soul'ish cockiness and attitude they quickly dropped to the bottom. Especially with SoReal Cru taking a jab at Super Cr3w in their last performance of the night by pretending to drop Super Cr3w's flag/banner as they danced to Lil Wayne's song "A Milli." To bad a lot of their moves looks like the moves of the 3 time world champion Philippine All Stars. Wouldn't be surprised if they bit moves from them. Everyone has, even our beloved Jabbawockeez. Wait so would that mean Jabba would have to eat themselves because their motto is "Byters will be eaten."

Anyways back to the two faced crew that call themselves "So Real." Throughout the whole competition they played the modest card but at the championship round they really did show their true colors. And boy did Ailyn just get ugly [next to the boys on her crew] with her comments. What a big turn off. If people vote for this crew to win next week. It'll be a sad day for dancers all around. Because this crew will be representing them all and they'll do it while boasting all day long why they belong on top and how they were never on the bottom. This crew's last minute antics turned me against them. Right now they make me sick. They're pathetic and look so blow average right now. I can't believe I compared them to Kabba Modern. Kabba would blow circles around these clowns. By the way Kabba placed 3rd in the world competition that Philippine All Stars won.

SoReal is not so real as they portrayed themselves out to be in the beginning.

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