Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The deadliest trio in the NBA right now are these three...aka "The Three Amigos!" They've worked hard all year long to get where they wanted to get to. And boy did they get it. By destroying the Los Angeles Lakers by 40 points.
And no other trio deserve the ring more than these three.

Kevin Garnett has been trying so hard in Minnesota but couldn't bring one home. Ray Allen has been chasing that quest for a ring also. Paul Pierce has finally got a winning team behind him. But will the trio be there next year? Probably not. This was Bostons year. Simple as that.

I am still down with the Lakers though but this time I just had to root for the guys in green. These three are pretty close to the end of their careers, probably after a season or two. Let these three get theirs before it's too late. I mean come on Kobe Byrant already has 3 championship rings, give it up to the old guys trying to get one before they retire. Now if it where the Lakers vs. Pistons than I'd be all up on the Lakers band wagon. But again since it was a deserving Boston team, I had to go against the Lakers.

Make sense?

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