Tuesday, June 3, 2008


THE FLAVOR OF LOVE 3, seriously come on give it up. No one in their right mind would want to date FLAVOR FLAY'S ugly mug. Seriously, come on. No, seriously lets be real here. LINDSEY LOHAN goes around telling all her friends that she's the best actress in Hollywood. I mean look she's got some performances in such movies as Herbie Fully Loaded, Freaky Friday, I Know Who Killed Me (she played two parts in that movie), Mean Girls, and Parent Trap (also played two parts, one with an English accent). Those movies just showed all her range...which isn't much. Bottom line? She's not good at all, not even for Disney kiddie movies, she's as bad as Paris. And dude for a young chic she's got mad saggy boobs, yuck! CLAY "STILL GAY" AIKEN is having a baby with a 50 year old lady that looks like a man. They didn't do the deed to conceive the baby, which is not a big surprise considering he's as gay as Perez. Just come out already, you're a disgrace to the gay community! Ah, GEORGE CLOONEY, you just dumped your girl of more than a year onto the curb because she wants to get married. Aren't you just the mans man. Bachelor for life. Alone for life is more like it. You've had so many women that would have been great wives, but your just to selfish to see that. Your so called legacy will end with you. For that we thank you. NICOLE "NICK" HOGAN, "Boo hoo, I put my friend in a vegetative state and now I have to go to jail for 8 months (3 on good behavior). My life is over! I blame everyone except myself for the situation I'm in." Nicole, you're a little bitch. Man up you spoiled brat, take responsibility for your actions. No one forced you to race. Your bitch ass is lucky you only got 8 months. You should have been sent away for life. You took away one mans whole life, it's only fitting that you loose at least your freedom in return. Your a bitch Nicole and your parents are partly to blame. LINDA HOGAN, on the tapes you say your suffering. Sure didn't look like it when you were taped on camera by TMZ in Las Vegas with your 19 year old boy toy companion. I guess that's how suffering moms deal with their suffering right? Go out an party. You're a lame ass tore up hag that needs to go away for good. HULK HOGAN, you were one of the biggest icons in American history, but now with the recent issues with your family and those audio tapped conversations with your son, you're just a sorry ass dude. You're a terrible father and an even worse husband. Dude I'm rippin up my Hulkamania t-shirts and memorabilia. Trying to capitalize on a brain dead Iraq war veteran? You ain't an ounce of the American man that you portrayed throughout your whole wrestling career. HEIDI MONTAG on a recent interview with In Touch Weekly Heidi says quote "I plan to win an Oscar. I’m very ambitious." Excuse me as I laugh hysterically for the next hour. LAUREN HUTTON, washed up old and the next dumb ass celebrity with a stupid remark. Hutton hates Sex and the City because she feels it portrays women as lose sluts. She blames the writters of the show as being slutty gay guys. The funny thing about that is that most of the episodes were written by Candace Bushnell. So I guess she means a lesbian whore portrayed women that way. The dumbass award goes to Lauren Hutton!

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