Thursday, July 24, 2008


Haven't mentioned the Filipino's giving us other Flips a bad rap, buy stealing from their American Flip brothers the Jabbawockeez. All the Flips in the P.I. think the Sopboys are soooooooo good. I've watched them dance. They are average at best. They have no originality or style. They seem so robotic and created. I bet they can't freestyle worth sh#t.

They don't even compare to the Jabbawockeez, who is a complete group. Mixed with dancers and bboys. Sopboys are just a bunch of average dancers.

Ima hate on my homeland right about now...[why? cause I step on anyone] They don't know what real dancing is over there or what good choreography really looks like. They are all a bunch of below average to average dancers and that's about it. There's no one person or group that's unique, creative, or in sync. I've logged in hours of TFC, nothing wowed me. And all the girls dance like gogo dancers and strippers. Sorry my peeps from the homeland, but I gotta tell it how it is, it's the truth. You really think that Gary Valenciano's son is a great dancer? need to see California dancers.

Enjoy this clip of the Sopboys have a laugh on us...

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