Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I saw Brooke being interviewed by E! news, I believe. In it she seemed more mature and pretty grounded and in control of her life now. A far cry from the Hogan Knows Best show where she would pounce around like a stereotypical blonde. But no, now she seems more experienced with adult life.

In the interview she was asked about her relationship with her father and mother. Surprising to me, she said she is closer to her father, because she says he's honest and isn't afraid to admit his faults. Her mother on the other hand, she says she has NO relationship with her at this time.

What I got from that little piece about her parents confirms what I've always believed was the main cause of the Hogan family destruction. Linda is at fault for everything. For a long time she lived under the shadow of the great famous legendary Hulk Hogan. No one knew who she was no one stopped her around town and said "Aren't you Linda Hogan?" She got no attention. But now since they got the deal for the show, she became an instant reality star. People know who she is now, people stop her around town and ask for pictures and autographs. She's living up and making up for lost time. She's let what she thinks is fame to her head at the cost of her family. But don't think she looses any sleep over it, I'm willing to bet she doesn't. She's obviously a selfish bitch. She's famous for being a real famous person's wife. She has never done anything. She's riddin on the coat tails of Terry and now she's jumped off thinking she's put in her time. I applaud Brooke for seeing that in her mother and distancing herself from that selfishness. Her brother in the other hand has his mothers mentality. He'll be more attached to his mother once he gets out of jail. He cares about no one but himself. Like mother like son.

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