Thursday, July 17, 2008


As an avid watcher of Ghost Hunters and the T.A.P.S. crew I gave Ghost Hunters International a chance since it had T.A.P.S. members in it. But then I later found out that they were no longer formal member of TAPS but instead just a part of the TAPS family (think of it as MySpace for paranormal groups). Brian Harnois, Andy Andrews and Donna La Croix are booted TAPS members. Well Brian and Andy are, I believe Donna left on personal gain to be more of a lead person on International.

So far I've seen two seasons of GHI and I tell you what, they're in and out of the European countries. They've been to places with hideous pasts and they haven't really found an good evidence. Either that tells me that ghosts don't really exist or that they just don't have the eye for it without the help of the TAPS team. Honestly they haven't found any evidence that would make you go "Wow!" like the TAPS team have found.

And then there's the GHI team. Brian Harnois is as dumb as he was with the TAPS team, only difference is that no one calls him on it, because their leader isn't much of a leader. He over exaggerates things and see things off camera that makes you wonder if he's making it up to look good on TV.

Andy Andrews is Mr. Over Exaggerator. His delivery is always to much. His facial expressions remind me of the one image of Senator Hillery Clinton when she was bug eyed. He's just so annoyingly annoying.

Donna La Croix on Ghost Hunters seemed to be a bitchy girl that wants to be a leader but doesn't really know how to be one. She's just full of herself you can tell, but they don't show it on TV, but you can tell by her body language. She just wanted to be on TV more.

The leader of the group Robert Demarest is to soft spoken and lacks any authority in his directions. Not to mention he looks like a child molestor or child porn player. He's not much of leader he never really gives any orders. He just let's the team do whatever. So I don't know why he's titled Lead Investigator.

Then there's Barry Fitzgerald who sees things no one else seems to see. I think Brian got some tips from this guy to pretend to see something. Barry has numerous times on numerous episodes run off or claimed to have see some horrible paranormal activity. But yet when he says somethings happening there is no other evidence to back up what he claims to be seeing. He reminds me of that British paranormal show that used to show on the Travel Channel. You know the dude with white hair and dressed like a rich business man and would totally exaggerate what he claims to see.

I think this show is a lame spin-off of Ghost Hunters. The original is still the best and will always be. GHI tries to hard and the members/team aren't really camera friendly faces. There's no one for you to get attahced to.

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