Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Our beloved Christian Bale, also know as the best talent to ever don the cape crusaders cowl, was released 4 hours after he turned himself in to the London authorities. He was wanted over allegations made by his mother and sister that he assaulted them over the weekend.

London police questioned Bale for 4 hours after deciding there was no need to dig deeper into the matter. No charges were filed and therefore Bale was released.

Who knows what London laws view as assault. They could have been in a heated argument and his mother or sister called the police thinking it would escalate to something else. Family arguments can get really heated, especially when there's money involved.

Bale is a very private person, who often makes up stories to keep to confuse the media about his personal life. So I don't think we'll ever know what the assault was about, unless mom and sis come forward to the media.

Bale is still a class A actor who respects his fans and hasn't let fame get to his head. He's grounded as Johnny Depp and equally as amazing of an actor as Depp. I'm willing to bet this incident was blown way out of proportion.

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