Thursday, July 24, 2008


This week the challenge was to use props and the theme was a high school theme. Some crews followed the theme perfectly incorporating their props with routines while others struggled to incorporate the props with their routines. Instead they let the props take over their routines.

3.5 out of 5

This is the first week that this crew didn't bring it. I agree with JC, I think they let the props control them this week, where usually they are the ones in control of the props. It seemed like they were thinking to much on this routine. They were so conscious about the props that they forgot about the routine. But they were still very entertaining to watch, as they always are. I see this team being one of the top 3 teams.

4 out of 5

As always this crew nails the concept/theme of the week. They are so technical that it's just amazing how they can choreograph a routine given any theme smoothly. If Ailyn's parents, who for the first time in her dance career came to watch her perform don't support her after seeing her tonight than she's got whack parents. If her parents think there's no career in dancing, her parents need to stop living in their boring world and open there eyes to the numerous choreography opportunities that are open to Ailyn. Anyways SoReal Cru again performs an amazing number. And they are for sure one of the top 3 heading into the finale.

3.5 out of 5

I loved this group in the beginning, I still like them, but the reality of it is their time has been up. They are the weakest crew up there. And this week they managed to dodge another bullet and remain on the show. Though they performed a better number this week, the mishap two weeks ago should have sent them home. They are starting to become this seasons Status Quo. Everyone remembers how Status Quo managed to dodge the boot week after week. If this is the case than we might see Boogie Bots in the finale. And if that were to happen than I think I've lost all respect for my fellow American's who vote. Heck if they don't go home NEXT week, than I think I'm just gonna stop watching the show.

4.5 out of 5

Just when you think this crew was starting to slip up, they come back this week with a sick performance. They had it all, breaking stunts, regular stunts [courtesy of Do-Knock] and CHOREOGRAPHY! Yes they had choreography, and a good one too. This crew isn't the total package that Jabba is but they sure are good enough to be as entertaining as Jabba. The whole basketball theme they did was amazing, how they played ball and did all those moves with the ball. They definitely belong in the top 3 for the finale.

SUPREME SOUL -Eliminated
4 out of 5

Finally this crew brings it. But a little to late. Week after week we've been waiting for them to wow us and now they finally do. To be honest with you, I thought this crew went home a week early. I thought they were for sure going to go in week 7 and not week 6. I didn't think they should have went up against Super Cr3w this week. It should have been Boogie Bots and SS, and SS would have stayed. The hockey idea was a good one, doing their steps like as if they were on ice was a nice touch. A great performance, but like I said it was unfortunate that they had to go up against Super Cr3w. One more thing, what is up with them ballin' like babies? Throughout the whole competition they acted all tough and cocky and now that they were voted out they start ballin'? What up with that?

FINAL WORD: I am really confused [like most] that Boogie Bots is still there. The weakest team remains on the show. Lil Momma put it best. "The Boogie Bots don't excite me!" I think the guy from Boogie Bots is getting a lot of sympathy votes because of his dad.

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