Monday, July 28, 2008


Most of us growing up emulated the "thug life" you know what I'm talking about. Listening to gangsta rap and sporting red or blue bandanas. It was like a trend almost. We all wanted to be gangstas, thanks to Snoop Dogg, N.W.A., DJ Quick, Too Short, etc. rapping about it. Being older now and seeing these rappers rap about being hard and tough just makes me realize how stupid it was be into it back then and how even more stupid it is now.
They act and come at you tough because they're insecure. They're angry because their parent[s] were angry. They feel like the world owes them because most only had one parent. No father figure to get them into sports or other things that would keep them from getting caught up in the streets. So instead of striving to be a better person than their absent father was, they just end up becoming like him. Not even close to a man. More like an insecure immature boy that uses fear on others to numb the insecurity, temporally.

Some people thought Obama crossed the line about his Father's Day speech about black absent fathers. But I think that was amazing. Finally someone had the balls to call out all these low life black fathers that call themselves men but act like selfish immature boys. He is a product of an absent father and he decided to be a man and not allow that to happen with his children. For that I admire the man. A real man is a family man and that is exactly what he is.
The ones that aren't man enough to be real men become gang members. Check out this clip of stupid gang members in L.A. trying to justify their lifestyle and why they are who they are.

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