Thursday, July 24, 2008


Apparently so. A source tells me that Cris wants more money from their fame. And it's not like they ALL haven't gotten paid. It's said that Cris recently bought a BMW 7 series car with money from JUST the shirt sales. [Him not buying an M series tells me he doesn't know much about BMW's].

My source tells me that he's causing a little drama in the background of the Jabbawockeez sales side. He wants more money, was basically what I got from my source. Sounds to me like he's getting a little greedy. Like I said, it's our way, the American way.

It's funny cause a friend has known Cris for years through church. They both attend the same Christian church. I'm beginning to think it's not the American way, but the Christian way. Because my friend is a very religious Christian, church comes first to him. But with that said, he's the most religiously devoted friend I have, but then again he's also the most greediest, sleaziest business guy I know. Go figure. Now I'm beginning to believe that Cris is the same exact way.

What a shame, instead of enjoying the ride and cherishing the rewards that come with it. Cris wants to control the ride and take all the reward for himself.

This is solely the opinion of HAiDER. Make your own opinion of Cris Style. Let's just hope my opinion is wrong, that he's a great guy.

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  1. man, if this thing's true, i'm dissapointed with cristiles. from the vids in youtube and whatnot, he seems to be a super great guy. i hope this will not be the downfall of cristyles. i love jabbawockeez.