Friday, July 25, 2008


The more and more I hear about Linda Bollea, the more and more I get disgusted with her. The latest news now is that daughter Brooke revealed that her mother made her sigh an affidavid that claims that her father Terry [Hulk] Bollea phsyically and verbally abused her mother Linda. Brooke now says that at the time she believed what her mother told her and only later after signing the affidavid that she found out the truth and then asked for the affidavid to be retracted. Thus ending her relationship with her mother...for the time being.

Linda seems to be everything that I thought she was. A selfish person that has let her z-list celebrity status get to her head. And she doesn't care that it's costing her her family. She's done with her family all she wants to do is hang out with who knows who, trying to be young again and party it up. She definitely doesn't care about Nick's so called best friend who's living in hell right now with half his skull missing. She could care less that he's suffering. All she cares about is what parties are poppin this weekend and what she's going to wear. I hope karma gives it to her good.

People need to stop making her think she's a famous celebrity, she's nothing, she's not special, she offers nothing. Stop taking her pictures or asking for her autograph. Let her little ounce of fame die so she can disappear and never be heard from again. Thats my take.

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