Friday, July 4, 2008


Mario Lopez, host of the popular MTV dance show America's Best Dance Crew, was so off on the references the crews were making to popular stuff from the past decade or so. He was so off that he literally looked stupid up on stage.

For example after the Boogie Bots video theme the judges made a comment about the Street Fighter "Shoryuken" move they did. Mario said it was an E.Honda move. Which anyone in his generation should know is a Ken and Ryu move. The funny thing is that as soon as Mario said it was E.Honda you can clearly hear someone in the crowd yelling "Shoryuken!"

Another example was when Fanny Pak came out and started their routine moving like those green plastic soldiers that as a kid a lot of us bought bags of and had make believe wars with. You know those little green plastic soldiers with the foot stands. Making them look like they had snowboards on their feet or something. Yea Mario said Fanny Pak came out moving like G.I. Joes.

Mario, Mario. What where you doing during your childhood? To busy with the girlie's I guess. I bet he doesn't even know about the "GoBots". Or "Silver Hawk". He looked so dumb the other night. If he hasn't gotten ragged on boards, than he really needs to. Because I'm putting him on check here, everyone else should do the same.

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