Thursday, July 31, 2008


Another mark on Kate's belt, the same can be said about Lance. What happened? They're both whores? They were too similar. I swear it's always a new guy for Kate and it's always a new girl for Lance.

I found it funny one article about Kate and Lance, in the comments portion everyone was kissing Lance's ass. Saying how great he was, how amazing he is, how he's such a hard worker and great father to his 3 kids. But when it came to Kate it was...WHORE! SLUT! TRAMP! Please, Lance is best described as these... JERK! DEADBEAT! ASSHOLE!

People still won't let go of his overcoming cancer to have a second chance on life. Boy he ain't wasting anytime with that. As soon as he recovered from cancer he said lates to his wife and kids and went off to bang celebrity girls and live the celebrity lifestyle. Everyone thinks he's a "stellar" guy, but he's the one that leaves all his women and boy does he leave them with burnt bridges. Sheryl Crow didn't have nice things to say about him. His wife certainly didn't. Let's see what Kate has to say in the weeks to follow. Lance is not a hero, he's a jerk off. He should of died of cancer. Stop kissing his ass people, you'll end up with hairs in your mouth.

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