Thursday, July 3, 2008


UPDATE: Sorry the link I had before just lead you to the main video page of TMZ's videos.
Below is the link to the actual TMZ article which links you to their clip. Sorry bout that ya'll.

The court ruled that is allowed to air a short clip of Mini Me's [Vern Troyer] sex tape. I just watched the 25 second clip and no I'm about to throw up for about an hour. That was one of the most disgusting things ever. Why did I torture my eyes like that. I think my vision just went down seeing that clip. I'd rather see Meg from Family Guy in a sex tape than watch Troyer doing it. The thing is the clip doesn't even show any doing it. It just a short clip of him kissing his ex. But his tongue is like an demon tentacle from a hentai anime.

If you must here's the link to the TMZ clip.

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