Monday, February 25, 2008


I just don't like this guy. A real "class A" asshole. He's got this whole image of being a tough/rough guy. A real bad boy.

I dunno there a bunch of bare chested photos out there on the internet that spark questions about his manly hood. Could this bad boy attitude be a farse? Is he really a sensitive boy? Who ever interviewed him should have asked his mother (pictured on image) whom he took to the Oscars, that hard hitting question. "Is Colin faking the bad boy attitude? Is he really a sensitive kinda guy?"

Instead the interviewer (I can't remember if it was Ryan Seacrest or someone else) asked a fan question I believe. Well the question was something along these lines. "If you weren't acting, what would you being doing for a career?" With a sarcastic voice he replied "Probably something with my hands. Building something...some wood working?" But his answer was in a sorta annoyed sarcastic tone.

I know that wasn't that dickey, but still this guys a jerk off.

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