Sunday, February 24, 2008


Karma's a bitch and Dog the Bounty Hunters son Tucker is finding that out. Tucker is the one that a few months ago sold the tapes to the National Enquirer. Tucker is now back in jail for parole violations. reports that Dog found out that Tucker, recently released from prison was doing drugs again. So Dog threatened to tell Tucker's PO about it. Tucker in return sold the tapes of Dogs semi racial rant. Who wants to bet he spent all that money on drugs? Loser.

Well apparently Dog did tip off his PO and so the PO placed him in rehab, which he walked out of and then the PO made a suprise visit at Tuckers known residence and didn't like what he say. Revoking Tuckers parole, sending his loser a$$ back to jail.
Despite it all Dog says he loves his son. Which I highly doubt is mutual for Tucker. He's a lost cause in the system, he should be locked up and left behind bars. He's no go to no one in front of the bars.

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