Friday, February 22, 2008


Took me about a week to finally come up with a casting list for the proposed Robotech movie being produced by Tobey McGuire. I've looked at a bunch of other websites that posted their casting list and compared them to mine and I think I have the best one so far. The worst list I'd have to say was by the staff of Their choices were so off the wall. They casted every character to be played by a white actor or actress, except for Claudia, they actually picked a black person. But for Minmei who everyone knows is Asian, choose Amanda Bynes! Wha the fu-?

I found in all the sites that posted their cast list have Tobey McGuire as Rick Hunter. It's rumored that since Tobey is producing the movie that he wants to play the role of Rick. I say fuck Tobey (he sucks anyways), he has no business in the movie. Stick to Spiderman.

Here's Celebrity HAiDER's casting call:

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