Monday, February 25, 2008


The oh so beautiful bodied Jessica Alba is getting plump. And no not for a new roll for Shallow Hal 2. She's getting ready to pop out kids. Yes that's plural. Rumor has it that Jessica is due to have twins...what the heck is up with celebs having twins lately? Is that the new in fad? Pop two out the first time? J-Lo (well hers was planned) but now rumors that Alba and Jollie are to have twins also?

Celebs with their fads. It goes as far as kids being accessories, ask Britney and Nicole Ritchie.

Alba, I don't know what her case is. I thought that her and Cash were broken up and then next thing you know she's pregnant and it's his. And so is he excited about it? I doubt it. He's a Hollywood guy. The question is, did she pull the chick move? Have his kids and maybe he'll stay with me forever. If he wasn't into it from day one, he'll be gone during the kids most vulnerable years. They'll end up coming from a broken family.

Anyways, whoa she's getting up there. No more nice bod for awhile. But she'll get it back. She's a celeb, she's got money to hire a personal trainer to get her body back to hotness in a month after giving birth.

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