Friday, February 22, 2008


Okay so first Tom brainwashed devote Christian Katie Holmes into his cult. Now he's throwing the bubble around Suri.

According to British magazine Star their daughter despite looking like a two year old is actually over a billion years old. That she knows everything already and doesn't really need to be disciplined. If she knows everything, than why doesn't she already talk alike a grow up or act like one?

Star also reports that Suri will be brought up (brainwashed) just like her older siblings Isabella and Connor and be schooled in the cult religion as she grows, and all her friends will be fellow cult members.

Wow, Tom really is a devote nut case. Just like those crazy super religious freaks, who take their religion or cult to seriously. Life is to short to devote every last breathe to something you don't know if it's true or not. I feel for Suri, she won't get to experience true life. She's going to grow up in this Scientology bubble for most of her life. I just hope that when she's an adult she'll wake up and distant herself from her nutty dad and his cult.

There should be a "Save Suri" campaign.

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