Monday, February 4, 2008


Seau has played football for a long time. Most of his career played with the Chargers. To many San Diegan's he was the heart and soul of the Chargers. Before LT there was Seau. He was one of my Charger heroes growing up and I was angry with the organization for letting him go. He needed to be a Charger for the rest of his career. Can you imagine Seau and Merriman (the new faster, stronger Seau) playing together? It would have been insane. But he isn't, he's sleeping with the enemy. My respect for him flew out the door the second he signed with the Pats. Not because I hate the Pats but the way he went about doing it.

See days before, the Chargers shelled out to throw Seau a retirementish party. The Chargers trying to squash the way things ended for him in San Diego thought it appropriate to honor Seau as a Charger for life. They went the whole nine yards...dinner ceremony, etc. Heck it was a three day celebration of his Career. From Monday-Wednesday they honored him. By Friday he announced his return to football by joining the Patriots. Just another sleazy classless move by Belicheck, who knew about the celebration prior but waited til the festivities were over to give the phone call to Seau and offer him a spot on the team.

Now as the 35 seconds ticked down in the 4th quarter on Sunday. Seau can be seen sulking on the sideline, knowing that his boat was about to sail away and there was no way he could get on it. It's amazing because 2 minutes prior as the Pats scored to take a 4 point lead you could see Seau and Bruschi celebrating as if the victory was in the bag. I wonder just how many Chargers fans feel bad for a guy who wasted and embarrassed the city with his "graduation/retirement" party and then signing with the Patriots days later. I get being upset with the Chargers for letting him go, but be the better person. If you knew it wasn't going to be over, why hint at it? I as a long time Chargers fan find it hard to forgive him for that classless move. But I can forgive Eli not wanting to be drafted to a 1-15 team. At least he was honest and up front. Congrats to him on his Super Bowl MVP and ring. Relish in it cause Rivers is's about the '04 draft QB's.

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