Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Another one bits the dust. Just like most celebrity marriages pop artist Pink and motorcross GOD Carey Hart have called it quits. I guess she was to much man for Carey to handle and he was to much woman for Pink to handle.

Didn’t it run through your mind that Pink seemed pretty manly and Carey seemed so pampered like a woman? I mean usually it’s the guy that’s the rough one and the girl is the delicate one. Seemed opposite in this union.

Oh well apparently Hart isn’t sweatin’ it. He was photographed with a hot brunette recently in Vegas. I mean he is a prettty boy motorcross dude. Not like he won’t have a bunch of gold diggin’ groupies all over him.

Pink on the other hand. I see the brothas tryin to hit up on her. Brothas like a tough girl.

To celebs break ups and divorces are nothing. It’s like droppin that load you been carrying since lunch. Flushin it down the bowl and never thinkin twice about it. ( I don’t know where that analogy came from, don’t ask).

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