Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paris Hilton is a demanding little b*t@h!

**I just love this picture of Paris Hilton. I think it's the best image of her, ever taken.

The Superficial reports that Paris will make a cameo in the new Will Ferrell movie The Other Guys and for her ONE DAY shoot her people gave the producers a 3 page list of demands that states that there be fresh lobster cooked whenever she's ready to eat and a bottle of grey goose vodka.

The producers should take those 3 pages of demands and turn them into a lobster origami and serve it to the bitch for "whenever she's ready to eat." I can't believe people kiss this bitches ass. I'd show the brat her place with a pimp slap to the face, throw a can of tuna at her and say that's your lunch bitch, enjoy!

That little bitch needs to learn respect, I'd say bring her to Iraq and punish her with a "gang rape" but no one wants to hit that crusty krab cunt. Ooooh, like that Sponge Bob reference?! Yea I'm good.

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