Saturday, March 14, 2009


Blame it on her age [19], blame it on her success [thanks to Heroes], or blame it on the color of her skin. Who knows what goes on in her little brain. But to me everything that was describe by The Superficial and other tabloids about her attitude towards Milo and the pappazo's sound about right. She's a WHITE young BLONDE, 19 year old [terrible] actress who's letting the sudden attention get to her head. It's quiet common, especially with WHITE BLONDES. Look at Paris. She blew onto the scene, God knows why, but got a stupid reality show and then all of a sudden she thinks she's on the same level as lets say Angelina Jolie. Or Julia Roberts.

It happens it gets to their head big time. Especially being so young. And this whole Milo thing. The dudes 31 and she's 19 of course she's going to be bitter, of course she's going to throw hissy fits and tantrums. She's immature, what do you expect.

By the way I think she's racist...thought I'd just throw that in there.

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