Thursday, September 3, 2009

Update: DJ AM death a suicide?

So now the Popo's are saying that he (DJ AM) had 8 Oxycontin pills undigested (which means he's swallowed more than the 9 counted for) in his stomach and a 9th still in his mouth. They now are going on the possibility of a drug induced suicide.

What the fuck were you so depressed about you fucking retard? You survived a fucking burning plane less than a year ago and you spin records for a living and get paid bank to do it! Again what the FUCK were you so depressed about you had to kill yourself! You fucking ingrate. You're better off dead, because you were so unappreciative of your second chance in life, your celebrity status and your money. If this is confirmed the cause of death "suicide" then I really do not have any respect for you. All your celeb friends and fans can kiss your ass all they want, but Haider ain't gonna sail on that boat. Fuck you DJ Piece of Shit.

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