Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Michelle Malkin the white washed Asian Racist

Yes she's one of those Asian girls that dispises her Asian heritage and would rather be white than brown. I know her type. I've grown up with Asian girls her type that have given up on their Asian pride.

But this pig nosed ugly example of and exotic Asian is also a conservative racist. She hates President Obama with a passion, she talks shit about him all the time. Calling him all sorts of names. More PC names when she's on TV of course, but I can only imagine the names she calls him off the air.

In her new book...which I will not mention the title because she doesn't deserve it. She bashes the President in all sorts of ways. (I have yet to read her filth) but from what I've heard, it's an Obama hate book. White racists would probably actually enjoy reading her book.

Did mention that not only does she hate Obama but she hates Gays even more. I would speculate that she prays for the death of gays as with the death of President Obama, much like Pastor Steven Anderson.

I really don't know how she is qualified to write a book or have any political say when she has slutty pictures of her on the web from 1992. She sits next to Tila Tequila as two of the sorriest examples of Asian women in America. You white people can have her. She's not wanted by the Asian community anyways. She's a traitor to her kind.

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