Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heidi Montag wants it up the you know what...

Aww 1 of 2 of my most hated wannabe celebs, Heidi. She was recently on the Miss Universe pageant performing a song (I think). As a bunch of you fat ass white mutha fuckers were beating off to her fake, well everything. I was getting ready to gauge my eyes out because I know what's hot and what's not (you fat slobs don't) and she DEFINITELY is NOT HOT! But I know you will enjoy this picture of her trying to get someone or some animal to stick it's member in her because like a skinny pig she's always in heat. I wouldn't stick it in that even if you told me I could kill her afterwards. I'd feel sick from knowing I was in that nastiness, for the rest of my life....ew.

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