Saturday, September 5, 2009

Let's Thank Jordan and his dad Evan Chandler for killing MJ

Let's all take some time to thank Jordan and his dad Evan Chandlers for ruining Michael Jackson's reputation and his career by falsely accusing him of molestation. I mean it was because of the Chandlers (who welcomed and recognized Michael as part of their family) accusations, that Michael Jackson got addicted to prescription medication. That's a fact. They are the reason for spiral to destruction for over a decade.

Now Jordan and Evan are suing each other in court. Jordan alleging his father Evan struck him on the head with a 12lbs dumb bell and tried to choke him. Yea probably fighting about the millions that they live off of thanks to Jackson settling out of court. Which was what the father wanted in the beginning of the accusation. In a way to extort money from Jackson. That is a fact also. He initially wanted to reach a settlement before it would blow up into a full blown criminal case. It's a perfect example of a someones kindness being taken advantage of. It is an American way isn't it? To extort money from vulnerable people.

This kid and his sorry as father deserve only the worst life has to offer to them. I hope they get what they deserve soon. I don't see how this kid and his father aren't harassed every second of their lives for ruining Jackson and eventually killing Jackson. Maybe if they were harassed every living moment, it would drive them crazy and they might (if we're lucky) kill themselves over the stress of being harassed about Jackson. That would be joyous if it were to come true. If this were Fight Club (lets pretend for a second it is and I'm Tyler), this would be the homework assignment. Harass and drive Jordan and Evan Chandler crazy.

People probably don't harass them because there aren't many pictures of Jordan and absolutely none of his dad Evan. Papparazzi need to find him and snap them both so their faces can be plastered all over the web. Michael Jackson can not rest in peace until these two pay for what they did. Did I mention his mom has not seen her son in 11 or so years because she was against the father and knew it was a lie. She left their two sorry asses to enjoy in their riches on their own.

Oh by the way did you know that Pastor Steven Anderson prayed for Jackson to die. It's come true and that is why he's so focused on the President now. Thats not a real fact but I'm making an executive decision here and assuming it probably has a possibility of being true.

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