Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We Think Tequila Prays for Merrimans To Have A Sucky Career

If there is one thing Tila definitely isn't class. I really don't know what she has. Oh wait...STDs? Yea that might be something she has.

So in the delusion thoughts of Pastor Steven Anderson, Tila Tequila prays for God to give Shawne Merriman, prostate cancer or something terrible that will cause maximum pain and death. I wouldn't put it past the wench to conjure such terrible thoughts. But I'm pretty sure she's happy that his groin was acting up on him during the Baltimore game causing him to sit out. I know she'd rather had the injury caused by her kicking him in the groin, because that's her mentality of thinking. She's about as smart as Kelly actually I think Kelly is smarter.

Final words...Tila's a wench.

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