Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Someone Dare Say Another Is Prettier Than Olivia Munn

As I was surfing the net looking for images of OM. I came across a site that had the heading Kirsten [Chenoweth] vs. Olivia Munn and the winner is Kirsten. My first thoughts upon reading this garbage?


So I quickly google this girl Kirsten Chewbacca (pictured on the right) or whatever and just as I thought. UGLY! Only a white guy would pick this old looking haggard ass girl over Olivia Munn, cause you know most white guys, they don't have a clue that exotic looking girls are the hottest. They're clueless.


I've brushed this website off as a stupid website [which what most people probably think of mine]. So what.

Olivia Munn is hot! That's the truth and I'm sticking with it.

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