Thursday, September 3, 2009

I think religion hates more than Haider

Maybe I should become a Christian because we all know Christians are haters! Yea! Speaking of which Christian Pastor Steven Anderson preaches to his church that he and his flock of sheep should all prey for the death of President Barrack Obama. Nice Steven, let's preach hate. He calls Obama the devil...gee isn't that the easy route? We don't like his ideas so let's call him the devil or the anti-christ! Wait doesn't the devil preach hate? Or does God? I think it's the red guy! So what does that make you Pastor Steven? You preach hate and so does the red guy with the horns? Put two and two together and you get what? Correct Pastor Stevens must be the devil.

But let's see since he's labeled President Obama as the "Devil" it's only fitting that we label Pastor Anderson...Let me think of something here...hmmm, Oh! I got it! A WHITE RACIST! Yes I'm a genious! Thank you. Obama is the devil and Anderson is a white racist! Yes. And me I'm just an asshole, thank you very much I take that as a compliment.

By the way Haider will continue to bash Pastor Steven Anderson for the rest of the month. Just because he feels like it...and because he voted for Obama, which means if you don't like his boy Obama, he'll get on you like Donkey Kong.

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