Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Must I Drill It In Your Head? Olivia Munn = Hot

Okay looking at this picture where she's wearing sexy lingerie and the position she's in, how can you not I dunno go grab some tissue and some lotion and start fantasying? eh eh? If this doesn't get you excited, then you must be gay.

Okay what about this quote from her...

On her sexual peccadilloes, Olivia is quoted as stating: "I can't bring in another girl. I can't have sex with people I'm not emotionally attached to. And the thought of going down on a girl grosses me out, but if a guy says, 'I want to stick a carrot in your ass,' I would be like, 'Well, if that really turns you on...."

Now if that doesn't turn you on, you're really are batting for the other team.

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