Friday, September 25, 2009

Two Worthless Lennons

Aw look two untalented Lennons. Sean is clearly his mothers son. His father John was a very talented musician. His mother is a worthless artist and a sorry ass hippie. Sean is now 34 and is labeled as a musician. More like a wannabe musician than an actually recording musician he is no Ziggy, Damien, or Stephen Marely to the great Bob Marley.

Not even close...

Sean is a talentless leach who pretty much grew up privileged thanks to his dad John. His mother pretty much leached off John as well and when he died she took over his estate. All the money she has made has been because of John. Not anything that she did on her own. Her art was crap. She was no Shepard Fairy.

Lets end this note on the fact that this was a waste of time as these two are a waste of life.

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