Friday, September 4, 2009

Let Me Make This Clear...

Pulling your kid out of the President's (the COMMANDER IN CHIEF) speech about how important it is to get a good education by working hard in school is racist. It is equivalent to the 50's when white parents would take their kids out of a public pool when a black child steps into it. It is what it is. Or when drinking fountains would be disinfected when a black person would take a drink out of a fountain designated for whites only. Yes it is similar to that. Keep telling yourself it's not go ahead, but it is what it is. Keep telling yourself it's for political reasons that you don't want your child to see that speech, it's not it's racial. And keep telling yourself it's not racial because you're not white. It is. Black people, brown people, yellow people can be racists too, it's not just a white thing. It's racist, plain and simple. Conservatives wouldn't do this to Bush, nor Clinton. It's racist, it reall is as simple as that. You saw all the disappointed look of all the people at John McCain's concession speech. They had the look of a group of whites ready for a lynching. It's a fact that race will always be a factor in our newest President. And it is a fact that the majority hate him because he's black. As much as people deny it, it's the main reason they hate him. My sister told me that my own mother made a comment when they announced his presidential win. Something to the lines of "Oh, no the President is Black." She's somewhat of a conservative. She is Catholic and Filipino. That combo alone has "Conservative" written all over it. Narrow minded thinking. I was a bit disappointed in her, but I understand she's old and old people are always stuck in their ways.

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