Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tila Tequila vs Shawne Merriman

First of all I'm going to address her for what she is. A "BITCH". I'm going to refer to her that way from now on. She's had Merriman arrested for a false battery and assault charge over the weekend. Merriman in a statement he released said that he just didn't want her to drive drunk and was trying to get a her a ride. The bitch tweets that she's "allergic" to alcohol and that her she changed her name to Tequila because of the irony of her not being able to drink.

That makes about as much sense as bee's on a corpse. Let's see you would normally change your name to Tequila because it's something you drink a lot of or is your favorite poison. And I do believe she stated that when she changed her name a few years ago. So yea bitch ain't no one falling for that.

Then, being a better person, she tweets about steroids, about how it makes people aggressive. Trying of course to ruin Merriman's name some more.

The thing is it doesn't come as a surprise, because women in general are very vindictive and very evil when they are upset with someone. I totally won't be surprised if later she tweets that she was raped by Merriman too. Point is the bitch is what she is a bitch! Plain and simple. No one gives a rats a$$ about what she says or what she tweets. She's a sorry representation of Asians. The Asian community has disowned her and will not acknowledge her as Asian. It's so funny she's picked a fight with the wrong dude. Because Chargers fans will maul and harass her for the little distraction she's stirred up.

She's making false accusation after false accusation. In the end it's going to bite her in the a$$. She'll get what she deserves...that's for someone to really turn her "lights out."

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