Friday, September 4, 2009

The Real Reason Conservatives Don't Want Kids To Hear Speech

Let's get real here. The real reason that "Conservatives" (aka Christians) don't want kids to see Obama's speech on education is so obvious. They don't want a "Black" man talking to the kids about staying in school. This is the conservative way, if they don't like you they try whatever they will to smear you. They don't know how to have get along with people that have different opinions. To them it's their way or no way. It's the Christian way. Christian God is the only true God, every other God of any other religion to them is a joke. They spit it on and look down on other peoples beliefs. They spit on Obama because they don't like his ideas. They don't want to sit down with him to have a peaceful debate. Even people that disliked Bush would listen to what he has to say, but not Conservatives. They are so obsessed with hating Obama that they don't see the real issues with this country. Like the borders to Mexico. Tons and tons of drugs and slaves pass into the US everyday. Cartels are killing people left and right and are knocking on US doors looking to cause hell, but no instead of bringing that issue up to Obama they want to bring up stupid arguments like not allowing kids to watch Obama's speech about staying in school and getting a good education. Come on how fucking stupid are you conservatives, how full of crap you guys are. He's going to be talking about staying in school and working hard in school. That's a bad thing!? Conservatives are so amazingly stupid it's just beyond belief. It's a racist move to remove your child from watching a speech about how important education. It's as bad as in the 50's when white parents would take their kids out of a pool if a black child stepped into it. It's Christian conservative ignorance. That's what it is...if you pull your kid out of that speech, I truly hope your child becomes a drop out and a failure in school. Because then they can be as ignorant and racist as your conservative self.

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