Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Francis vs Jenner

Brody is a fag. How you gonna blindside someone and call yourself a man? Only bitches bust a blindside move. Brody's a little bitch, his fame comes with a silver spoon from his dads fame. At least Francis (as sleezy as he is) is a self made millionaire. He exploited stupid college bitches. Don't hate on the fucker. You know you're just jealous you didn't capitalize on stupid slutty college bitches like he did. Brody has "Bromance" how gay is that? I'd like to blindside Brody and yell "paybacks a bitch, huh Brody." and pull his girls hair, punch her in the face, throw her to the ground and then kick her while she's down and yell "well now it's not a lie is it? Someone did beat you down bitch!"

Francis acted accordingly, if a bitch pushed me from behind and poured a drink on me out of nowhere, she'd get her hair pulled and a backhand to the face. If she'd done that to a brotha he'd have shown her whats up. Bitches think they're untouchable because their girls. Well if you gonna act like that you better be prepared for the consequences. Thas what Haider's sayin!

Oh by the way I'm back bitches. Had no choice anyways, since GODaddy fucken automatically renewed my addy for 2 years. Might as well get the best of it. Get ready for a really angry hateful Haider this time around.

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