Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Allergic Alcoholic Will Be Strong For Her Grandmother

Yes folks she deleted all her previous tweets because she knows they discredited her, well she didn't realize that, her lawyer did. But now she tweets "I'll be strong for my grandmother." Obviously in an attempt to get sympathy votes. Guess what bitch...ain't gonna work for ya. No cares for you. Your grandmother should have died along time ago, knowing that her grand daughter became a celebrity slut. You ain't Rhinna bitch, you ain't got that clout and you fo' sho aren't gonna get that sympathy from people. Especially since the cops didn't find any visible signs of abuse, and that they only arrested Merriman because any citizen has the right to exercise a citizens arrest. And your lawyer knows that and at this point he has no bullets to fire back, so he says what any lawyer would say that doesn't have anything on the defendant, Merriman's story will be "completely discredited."

Let's face the facts bitch, you're a bitch and that's all there is to you. If you disrupt Merriman's ability to focus this season because of your stunt than you better not and I mean BETTER NOT EVER come back down to San Diego, because you will not be welcomed. You will get things thrown at you and you will be verbally chewed out where ever you go in SD.

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