Saturday, September 5, 2009

This Just in Pastor Anderson Prays for something else...

I'm assuming here, again NOT fact that Pastor Steven Anderson is praying that fags (that's slang for Homosexuals) die from anal/rectal cancer. But since he's racist he's only praying for black gays to die. He wants to try to reform white gays by holy water boarding them. And shoving a crucifix up their a$$, while saying "yea you want to get f--ked, well let Jesus f--k you!" Believing by forcing Jesus up their a$$ they will learn from their evil ways and find God and be remorseful and beg for forgiveness. But all the black gays must die. Again this is NOT fact, this is an assumption. Because come on if he's got that one thought on our President, she's got to have other thoughts about other topics. Am I right?

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