Thursday, January 29, 2009


Troy Polamalu, whom I wouldn't be talking shit about right now if stupid ass deceased John Butler drafted him for the Chargers instead of jobless Sammy Davis and dead ass Terrance Kiel. But that's not the case so here I am.

One of Troy's nicknames is "The Flying Hawaiian."  Why? Wasn't even born in Hawaii, he was born in California. Never lived in Hawaii, went to high school in Oregon and college at USC. The dudes a born again Eastern Orthodox Christian, whatever that's suppose to fucken mean. Christians are Christians...crazy motherfuckers. He prays after every play, while he's sitting on the bench waiting for his Defense to get back on the field, while he's in the locker room prepping for a game, while he's in the crapper, while he's having sex with his wife, while he's gardening, while he' get it. The dude prays to fucken much.

Dude sports long hair because in Samoan culture it is customary that men grow out their hair. He don't act Samoan...dude acts like a over religious Christian. But that hair is badass though. Makes me miss my long hair. See at least I wish I had hawaiian blood in me. I was only made in Hawaii...I'll count that...Loved it when people would ask if I was Samoan or Hawaiian with my long hair. FUCKIN shit why the FUCK did I cut my hair! Now I have to wait for a fucking year and a half for it to grow back to the way it was. FUCK!

Anyways back to Polamalu...I really don't have anything else on him. I mean the dudes a solid player. If the Chargers hadn't fucked up and picked Polamalu, who was suppose to be Rodney Harrison's replacement we'd be a better defensive team. Other than Troys over praying and his shot at Gates ankle in the Pitts/SD game he's pretty awesome to watch. He's really dangerous out there.

Whatever I hope the Steelers lose. My friend told me that on his visit to Pittsburgh during that playoff game, he noticed that the Steelers don't have cheerleaders. He came to the conclusion that they don't have a cheer squad because he noticed while he was there that he could NOT find one decent looking girl over there, therefore Pittsburgh doesn't have cheerleaders! Pittsburgh is a state without pretty girls!

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