Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The icon's story is told on the big screen. Many people especially the older American generation as a Marxist nut, much like Castro. But that's because back then during Che Guevara's time, the Americans hated his beliefs. So much so that they order for his head...literally, along with other allies America wanted him dead.

Che is a hero to a lot of Cubans. Though he was a ruthless leader at times, he was still a man fighting for his people. He is an inspiration for most to fight for what you believe in. Sometimes to get a point across you have to start a revolution. In fact I believe we need another revolution her in the US. With the way things are going it would be a good cleansing move. 

This one older man one time ranted how my generation doesn't really know what Che did. At the time I wasn't up to speed on Che, so I didn't respond. But now I clearly would have told him that HE didn't know who Che was. Because he only read and saw what the American media wanted him to see. And in those times the journalist went to bed with the government. This old guy Don is a dumb ass anyway. He's an ex-con that thinks he's safe to go to heaven because he's a born again Christian or some crap like that. Ex-con and ex-con buddy, ain't no erasing that. You can read your bible all you want, still going to the same place everyone else goes.

Anyways Benicio Del Toro looks born to play Che. He's an amazing actor, so I would expect this to be a good movie.

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