Thursday, January 31, 2008


Can they just keep her in a mental institute for the remainder of her life already? Aren't we all tired of hearing about Britney's breakdown? Just lock her up and throw away the key. She doesn't belong out in society, she's insane. Stop giving her the benefit of a doubt, if it were an average person (non-famous), everyone would be screaming to put them away for good. But since it's a celebrity in this case, people feel for her. Whatever.

Did mention to you that she's now talking with a British accent (a bad one at that)? She's nutts, let's stop this Britney insanity by giving her all this coverage. Her life isn't worth the time. Let's stop the madness.

It's really looking more like Brit will pass on sometime this year. The way it's spiraling down so fast right now, it could be anytime...damn what was month did I predict she would pass? Crap I forgot. Gotta see what the odds are in Vegas, cause you know someone already beat me to it and put a line out on her.

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