Tuesday, January 29, 2008


It's one thing to be arrogant, but to take the legal system as a joke, O.J. takes the cake on that. I mean come on, you got away with murder. Literally. All you had to do after that was just lay low, essentially disappear from the lime light, not get into any trouble what so ever. Because your every move will be watched and the second you mess up they (the legal system) are going to slam your a$$ against the wall and a$$ rape you sore. They want to make up for their mistake in your murder case, so they're looking to put you away for good. Just lay low and enjoy the rest of your life...thats all he had to do. But nope he couldn't even do that. He had to release a book which pretty much confessed his guilt and was a slap to the face of the legal system. They're out to get him and they'll get him.

As an NFL football fanatic I can't help but think his story is such a sad pathetic story. Here's a guy that became an NFL legend, one of the best of all time, had everything and threw it away in a furious jealous rage. Now people will remember him as the guy that killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend but got away.

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