Thursday, January 31, 2008


Oh I'm not done yet with this glorifying stuff. This is the worst of them all. The pimp life style. I can't believe how glorified this one is. They have parties in honor of this pathetic act. Why do we think it's cool to force women into prostitution by beating, raping, imprisoning them? Where's the cool factor in that? You tell me, cause people celebrate this crap like it's a holiday.

For the fellas, does that make you feel manly? You feel good about beating up a women? Forcing them to support your lazy a$$ by whoring herself out? That make you feel more of a man? Yeah? If you think so, damn you're a sorry a$$ excuse for a man. You wanna fell more manly? Join the Marines and go to Iraq. See the blood shed first hand while defending this great nation. That's being manly.

Pimps are basically lazy mofos, that want others to earn him money while he sits there on his lazy a$$ watching TV or snorting coke all day. People like The Bishop Magic Juan are a joke, sporting their circa 70's pimp flourecent colored pimp gear. They look like modern age clowns.

If you seriously think Pimps are cool than man mainstream media's got a hook on you.

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