Sunday, September 21, 2008


I was and still am a huge fan of the show Heroes. But with the abrupt ending of season two due to the writers strike and them not coming back for almost a full year have lost interest in some fans? I wouldn't doubt it. In the television market a going on hiatus for almost a year can get you forgotten in the minds of the audience who are bombarded with new programing every quarter or so.

I for one almost totally forgot about Heroes. I don't even remember the last aired episode. It's been to long. I admit I've lost a little bit of interest in the show. I mean it's been so long now that I have to familiarize myself with the story. Which isn't a quick task. The story is to complex and very detailed that you have to pay attention to every detail or like the show Lost you'll be lost. And don't even get me started with that show Lost. It's one of the more annoying shows, next to Smallville. But anyways back to Heroes. All I have to say is that the season premiere better bring it, because if it doesn't, I'll just drop Heroes from the DVR and record Dancing with the Stars. Can't complain about a show that has Kim Kardashian and Brooke Burke dancing around in skimpy outfits. One of the chicks from Heroes is gonna have to show something to keep in tuned in.

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