Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have found new hatred for a state that I never had before, far more than I did for Boston last season and far more than I ever had for L.A. or Oakland. Denver is now on the blimp. I hate the Denver Broncos with a passion. I hate the whole team. I wish them nothing but more deaths to their team, as they suffered last season. I think their fans are the dumbest fans ever, next to New England's. I think their QB is a sorry punk that deserves nothing but to died from diabetes. He's overrated and without his beloved Brandon Marshall or other receivers he's nothing. The team carries him he doesn't carry his team. He has yet to prove that he can carry his team on his shoulders.

I just hate Denver because people that live so high up are delusional. And are straight out retarded. It's that mile high magic, as they say. I pray to God that the team dies in a plane crash flying to a game. I hope Cutler drops into a diabetic coma during a game only to awaken in the hospital with his cherrished throwing arm ampuated. I hope Champ Baily breaks a leg, literally. I hope their coach has a heart attack on he sidelines or get plowed by the opposing teams defender. I hope Royale has a royally messed up day by getting hit so hard he losses all memory including how to walk and talk. I pray for nothing but bad things for the Broncos.

I just hate them so much. I just hate Colorado. It's a retard state with retarded people. And that's all I have to say about that.

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